Sunday, 29 May 2011

Over-sexualisation of Young Girls...

Tricia Goyer from It's Real Life posted back in February on the over-sexualisation of young girls.  I've commented on her post, as follows:

"Thanks Tricia. These points are very helpful. I have a 7yo daughter and I find it difficult at times to buy age appropriate - and form appropriate - clothes. I also had the bathing suite experience a year or so back when looking for swimmers for school. All I could find was bikinis. I ended up buying costly bathers at the swim school. I will be more mindful of what TV shows she watches, as I have caught her watching some shows with kids kissing in it. Thanks again, Paula :)"

Yes, as the mother of a 7 year old daughter, I find it difficult at times to buy clothes that aren't miniature versions of what - and excuse my brashness here - hussies and prostitutes usually wear to sell their wares!

I feel very strongly against my daughter wearing a bra when she only has a chest, not breasts.  I know she has slim, cellulite free legs, but why should she wear shorts that show off her butt cheeks?

Little girls - and older girls, teens and women, it seems - need to be taught that they are beautiful as they are and that they don't need to dress sexily to get attention.  All the attention they need they already get from God who loves them like no other.

Please click here to read Tricia's post.

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