Thursday, 27 January 2011

Looking at an Abundant Life...

As I embark on a journey of restoration, I will be looking to God and Jesus the Gentleman to give back what the locusts have eaten. Part of this journey will be completing an amazing book from where I read this quote:

‎"The abundant life is not about accumulating stuff, it's about being spiritually full, bursting with the goodness of God in your life, not bleak or empty. It's learning to walk in victory, not being a victim to circumstances, and finding satisfaction and joyful confidence because you know who you are and whose you are."

I will be made whole, my confidence in myself will be restored, my heart will be healed and I will be able to love again.


  1. Amazing quote! Love it. Yes. I agree. He will restore you and go beyond that - give you freedom to be the beautiful you He designed you to be. Xoxo

  2. Amazing quote indeed. I'm with Jo on this one. Paula, I'm going to share this on my fb. Praise the LORD!