Wednesday, 26 January 2011



I decided to change some things.
I actioned some of these changes.

I discovered some new truths about me and others.
I thanked God for showing me these truths.

I shared the day with some beautiful friends.
I learnt what true friendship is about.

I realised that I am not as messed up as I once thought.
I reflected on all that I have achieved and where I am.

I reaped the benefits of raising my daughter correctly.
I delighted in the fact that I know her so well.

I started the day feeling like an absolute mess.
I will end it feeling renewed by God’s grace and love.

I resolved that one man really messed with head and heart.
I celebrated that another man – Jesus – will make me whole again.

I started smiling again...


  1. Amen... what an inspiration! Praise the God of restoration and transformation.

  2. And what a beautiful smile it is! This post is gorgeous and so full of hope. Xoxo