Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Total Reliance...

After a discussion with a dear friend the other day about our blog pages, I realised that I am not one for consistency. At the beginning of year I (once again) set myself a goal to memorise 24 verses before December 31. Well, I get a big F for FAIL on that. With working full-time, being a solo mum, and have other interests and responsibilities, I just haven’t been able to do it!

The other goal I had was to cover
a word a month. Now THAT I can do, even though I had planned to post weekly on it...

Anyhow, to my word list!

It seems that God had plans for my year when He gave me each of my words. Every month so far my life has been impacted by each word.

This year I’ve dealt with forgiveness, acceptance, relationships, strength, simplicity and now reliance.

Forgiveness - by forgiving others of the wrongs they have done towards me.
Acceptance - in being able to accept me for whom I am, and whose I am.
Relationships – deepening my relationship with Jesus, while applying clear focus and boundaries to other relationships.
Strength – resting in God for the strength I needed, and still need, while battling illness and other issues.
Simplicity – finally realising a yearlong dream of taking time off work to simplify my life. This has entailed spending time at home just being a mum, having a birthday holiday with my family, and doing some much needed spring cleaning (culling and cleansing) at home.

This now leads me to ‘reliance’ as my word for June.

Reliance...this is a tricky one for someone who is self-reliant, stubborn yet shy and more suited to a hermit’s existence than one with people around ALL. THE. TIME!

Over the last few months I’ve had to accept help from others. I have always found asking for and receiving help difficult. I’m learning to change that now though. I’ve had too. I’ve been sick on and off now for almost three months. Life has been difficult at times. But I am thankful for the friends and family who have been there for me.

The ‘reliance’ clincher though has been relying on God. Knowing that He has everything I need to get through my trials has been a blessing. But actually relying on Him is easier said than done.

Because He can’t be seen, because we have to wait on Him to answer us, because we think we can do a better job of living our lives our way, because we turn to others first because they are right in front of us. All these reasons, and more, make us NOT rely on God as we should. Well, at least for me, this is true. But that is changing...

I’m learning to rest more in Him, which in turn allows me to rely more on Him when troubles arise. I’m learning to not worry as much as I used to. I currently have zip, zilch and nada in my savings. I owe WAY too much on my credit card than what I would like. I feel at times that I live precariously on the edge. But, in saying all that, I have learnt that He will provide as long as I rely on Him.

I have fullness in my heart. I have a roof over my head, fuel in my car and food in my cupboards. I am a good provider and have a comfortable home in which I am raising my daughter. I have family and friends who encourage, bless and love me. And all of this comes from God.

Reliance...on Him...completely, totally and for always.

In which areas of your life could you rely more on God? Do you have any techniques or reminders that prompt you to look to Him when a concern arises?


  1. How hard is it to rely on God? For me? Very.

    I guess it comes down to a trust issue for me. I have been let down by so many people I expect God to do the same. But the truth is - He will never let me down. xo

  2. This is a great conviction. Lord, I need YOU more than ever. In Jesus' name, amen.