Friday, 2 July 2010

Milestone Love...

This month my word is 'love'. Last month it was 'reliance', and I did feel myself relying on Him in a lot of circumstances. It seems that I am in a lull with my writing, and as my friend Jo reminded me today, I am just not in a season for writing. Too true...

Given that, I want to share a milestone in the life of my darling little girl, Jasmine. She has lost her first tooth!

This auspicious event has been looming for a few weeks now since Jasmine gladly showed me her loose teeth (yes, she has more than one!). And after the shock and horror of tooth pain and blood, she now has a gap. The truth be known, I didn't even notice it was gone when I picked her up from vacation care last night...she had to show me!

So here's love to my lovely little toothless girl on her milestone...


  1. I hated it when my eldest lost his first tooth as it just brought home the reality that he was growing up. She looks super cute and super excited with her gap!

    And here is love to you and Jasmine. xo

  2. Adorableness :o)

    The greatest of things....Love. I hope it is a lovely month ;)

  3. That's too cute! I don't even remember those occasions for me or my own daughter. She's an adult now with her own child to care for. He's just over 2 yrs old. She had three other boys before. A long story short, they were adopted out by other family members. The oldest boy is 8. I don't hear anything about them anymore. Anyway... congrats to Jasmine on your gap. It'll soon fill in and she'll have others. Then she'll have a new set of teeth she'll have to take real good care of. It's the only ones she'll have for life, that is, unless she gets false teeth for some reason. LOL