Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Spotlight On...

...women who hit the nail on the head with each post!

I've stopped by many blogs in the couple of years I've been blogging, but there are a couple of ladies who I admire for their wisdom and for the way in which they relay back to me exactly how I am feeling but in their words. And these ladies are...

You want the real deal and some raw truth? Then please check out their blogs. You will not regret it and you will be changed. In fact, your hearts will be opened and you will most definitely be blessed!


  1. Jewelz Sightings is my favourite blog destination. I love her rawness in matters of the heart and her imitimacy with God. No 'Christianese' religious waffle. Just straight from the heart, covered in His grace. xo

  2. Paula, WOW... how you have blessed me with these words... and Jo, you too!

    Thanks friends!