Saturday, 23 November 2013

On Being Too Human and Downward Mobility...

I recently wrote a post on why "it's not that I don't like church". Why only a handful of Sundays have been used to visit the Lord's House. Why I have been questioning the modern day definition of the term "church". Why I feel a shift in how I see the church and its leaders.

Basically, some 2000 years after Jesus shed blood on the cross, the world is a really messed up place. Messed up people. Messed up politics. Messed up morals. Messed up ideals.

Is it because we act too human? Do we, as Christians, walk haphazardly on the thin line that separates us from the world? Teetering over to "their side" every so often to try and breathe Jesus on them? Do we live by a blinded vision of how the world thinks we should live?

There are many questions that swirl through my mind as I ponder the shift in how I view my walk with Jesus. He still walks with me, moreso now than ever before, but something has changed.

I happened upon a blog recently by D.L. Mayfield, who is "living in the upside-down kingdom". She writes a lot on downward mobility and describes it as "an easy, succinct way to describe consciously choosing to not pursue climbing the ladder of the American dream". I really relate to that in my current state of consciousness.

Ladders are too high.
Simplicity is what I seek.

Do you feel this way? Do you long for a simpler life? To not be bogged down by the constant upkeep and management of material resources? To live with a childlike faith and have extra long weekends within a 48 hour time period just because there are less cares in your world?

I know I surely do, and I know I need to recapture that.

I need to stop thinking of myself as "just a human" and remember that I am a saved soul in human form. That while I am visiting this earth on the way to heaven, I am not to become "too human" and conform to the ways of the world. That I am not to climb the worldly ladder but instead be a living example of how the world can reach Jesus.

It's a tough gig. But it's a rewarding gig, because God always shows us where we are doing it right, and helping us to get better at the bad.

I'm ready for the simpler life. For the life less harried. For a two steps back to embrace how simple life used to be.

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  1. Yes!
    My soul yearns for the simple life.

    I am reading a very interesting book by Art Mathias (Biblical Foundations of Freedom), and in it he explains that when the bible talks about the "world", it is not referring to non-christians, but rather, the Prince of this world's domain -ie the spiritual world. I had a real paradigm shift!!