Monday, 28 October 2013

BF2013: The Vacant Space...

The realisation of what God knew all along.
Vacant space within a pumping heart filled with His love.
A familiar voice whispering guidance to the willing ear.
The relief of what God felt all along.
Chambers beating faster with anticipation of release.
Words written and exuding the truth from a heavenly realm.
The response of what God heard all long.
The vacant space discovering the true and rightful occupant.
The blood spilled that in turn filled the pumping heart.
© Paula C. Whitehouse, 2013


  1. Love it. Many layers there ... So good xx

    1. See reply below Michelle. Am on my phone...argh!

  2. Nice job Paula. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

  3. Thanks Michelle! It has been a while since I've written any poetry. This is a tad deeper than my previous works. I found it comfortable writing this way too.Pxo

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Jo! A little bit of poetic visulation. It was very freeing. Pxo