Thursday, 27 September 2012

Two Words...

I am a supporter of the Hope Foundation, which was started by Bronwen Healy five years ago. The foundation "exists to bring hope, help and healing... to the hurting of people of the nation, based in Brisbane, primarily women in the areas of addiction and those caught in the sex industry - both those involved and their loved ones."

In the Vimeo clip below that I watched tonight, Bronwen spoke two words that made me break down and cry.

Sexual brokenness.

Without going into detail, I am sexually broken. And hearing those words spoke out aloud by Bronwen was like hearing God saying them. But I think that was all part of His plan.

I'm not quite ready to share the burden that has been my life over the past 24 years since becoming sexually active, but God is ready to take the burden and heal me so that I can heal.

I know that God has walked with me through my life's journey as an adult despite my poor choices. He equips us as He sees fit; to the extent to which He knows we can handle the pain, grow from it and help others. I believe that He has been working in me this way for the last 24 years, and that the lessons I've learnt - the hard way - will be passed on to not only my daughter, but also countless other girls and women who also suffer from sexual brokenness.

In Him always,

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  1. Hi Paula,
    I'm so sorry for your pain and am praying for you. I have a friend who is going through something similar. She had put a rape out of her mind and the Lord brought it to the surface and the healing is happening, but it's hard to go through...and it's in her heart now to minister to teens.

    Also, I would like to post on ASROH blog soon. I want to promote it more as the Lord calls me to expand into the speaking and writing world more.
    Thank you for continuing to hold it up. The fruit of your labor will be blessed!