Friday, 31 August 2012

God is Here...

It seems that blogging is my way of journalling. I can't and write in a journal, but I do find it easier to tap away with my thumbs on my phone screen. I find it a good release at the end of the day when my mind is so full of the day's happenings.
This morning I found out that a friend's husband was shot and killed in Afghanistan on Wednesday night. I felt shattered. Deflated. Cut down. After an emotion filled week already, hearing this just wrecked me. But it also gave me the strength to keep going.

My problems paled into insignificance...quickly.

I said goodbye to the man I love; she never got to say goodbye.

The man I love is still living, albeit not with me and a long way away; her man is dead. Gone forever. Never to breathe again.

I mourn the loss of someone whom I've known for a long time I would never be with fully; she mourns the loss of her man who she knew she could spend forever with.

Except now she can't. Except now she will be raising two girls alone. Two girls who will never get to cuddle with their daddy again like my girl got to do tonight.

Death like this puts a lot of things into perspective.

And through it all, for me anyway, God is right here with me. And I know that He is with my friend too. I don't know what her beliefs are, but it doesn't stop me from praying for her. It doesn't stop God from feeling the hurt she is feeling.

Because He is here. And for that I am thankful.

There is a lot in life to complain about, but there is even more to be thankful for.

Life and freedom are two such things. Two things that my friend's husband was helping to protect in Afghanistan.

It doesn't seem fair, but God is here, and that will be enough.

Paula xo


  1. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend's husband. So tragic. I will pray. And for your loss too, sweet friend. The Psalmist says that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted. I'm glad you feel Him there.

  2. Such a tragedy. Hugs. Xx