Thursday, 12 April 2012

No Condemnation...

I wrote this post a few days back from my mobile (cell) phone, but for some reason (operator error, no doubt) it didn't publish, so here it is!

I'm very thankful for Pastor Brian Houston sharing this scripture - Romans 8:34 - with us at church on Sunday. I revisited my notes today and felt it to be a tangible word from God for me at this present point in time.

You see, I feel the sting of condemnation from certain people in my life. People that have caused, and still cause, me to suffer from anxiety brought on my traumatic events in my past. But this verse has helped me to overcome some of that anxiety. Why? Because Jesus died on the cross for me so that today's realisation could occur. So I could be free.

There is a very peaceful feeling that comes from knowing that there is one man who loves me enough to give His all. That there is one man who loves me even though I have hurt Him. That there is one man who will be with me for eternity.

I looked around at various couples today and wondered why I had faired so abysmally at relationships. God told me that it was because all I really needed and need is Jesus. There may be a Mister Right out there, but for now I'm sticking with Mister Eternity.

It's almost 7pm on Easter Monday here. The eve of life returning to an almost normal pace. I've had eight days vacation with my little princess and we're both as worn out as each other, although I am not sound asleep like she is right now. Tiredness brings about heightened emotions for me. Feelings instead of fact. But God has returned my thinking to fact with this verse.

I am free. I have no condemnation. I have Jesus.

Paula xo

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