Friday, 27 May 2011

I Just Can’t Keep Going ... or Can I?

Last Saturday was a classic example of taxing myself beyond my limits. I had been given a lawn mower a month or so ago, but due to recovering from a sprained neck I haven’t been able to use it. But I changed that!

At approximately 9am I was outdoors and prepping the mower ... and myself! Aside from a few hiccups with the catcher and too much dense grass in one patch of my lawn for the mower to handle, I did a great job, and so did the mower! Yes, it took a couple of hours but I got it done!

After the lawn mowing I hosed down my back patio and put some laundry on. Then I got to rest in a hot bath and lay down for a little while before helping my daughter wash the car. Or more correctly ... washing the car after the novelty wore off for her!

But I overdid it! The lawn mowing took everything out of me! The sense of accomplishment I gained from doing the lawns boosted my spirits but the pain after was a bit too much to bear. But this is how it is for a me: a single mum and an aches and pains sufferer!

Pushing on. Going on even when you want to stop. Dealing with a daughter who is a social butterfly while only wanting to be a hermit crab. I do often wonder what lessons God has in all this for me!

After Saturday I realise that the lesson is to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and pace myself. To stop and smell the roses – or in my case, enjoy my 7 year old daughter – and be happy with how things are, even if the lawn looks like silage waiting to be cut and bailed!

Being a single mum, working full-time, living over 2000 kilometres (1370 miles) away from my family, and suffering from physical and mental health issues, I find life a tad difficult at times. But praise be to God that it’s not as difficult as some people experience. If I was not a Christian, and if I didn’t have friends and family living near, I often wonder if I’d be where I am now.

James 1:27 (NIV) talks about how Christians are “... to look after orphans and widows in their distress”. My daughter is not an orphan, but she does not have a father present in our home at all. I am not a widow, but I do not have a partner (and actually feel that I never really have had even in past relationships). And this is why God calls for the church to look after orphans and widows. God’s ideal scenario for children is for them to grow up in a loving home with Christian parents. It doesn’t always happen, as was the case with me, but when it does, it’s beautiful.

So, I can keep going on. I can learn the lessons that God is teaching me. I may make those lessons difficult at times, but it I keep learning and keep pressing on, then life will always get better! That’s what He wants for us anyway!

Always look forward. Always take into account your limitations. Always rely on God!

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  1. Good girl :) Yes we can keep going... and pacing ourselves. It will all still be there tomorrow (unfortunately ;) ).

    Maybe the girls and I can do something once a month to help? I am doing that with a friend, we take it in turns going to each others house and doing some housework - either a big job that we want help with, or just normal stuff and get it done in half the time. But because I have her helping, I don't need any more help, but we would be happy to come and visit you, and help. My girls LOVE mowing lawns ;)