Monday, 23 August 2010

In My Circle...

In my circle I have people who...

Battle addiction
Grew up without a father
Are blinded by the evil of the world
Love the same God and Father as I do
Embrace God as their only source of comfort
Live through the pain of rejection on a daily basis
Missed their mother's love as she battled depression
Wait for love, children, healing and freedom from pain
Have seen more suffering in their life than imaginable
Have felt the pain of losing a parent in their youth
Feel a hole in their soul that only God can fill
Trust a Heavenly Father with their all
Experienced the horror of war
Fear going outside

Who do you have in your circle?


  1. But in the midst of your circle He remains the same. In all this pain and suffering, He sees and bottles all our tears. xo

  2. Wow that is really clever Paula! Where did you get the idea to do this? Can I use it in Footprints??? Can I can I hug pretty please with sugar on top??

    Let's see, which ones apply to me: grew up without a father; love the same God & Father; missed their mother's love as she battled depression; trust my Heavenly Father with my all ...

  3. In my circle, I seem to be around loads of women (including myself) who are daring to beleive they are beautiful! xx