Saturday, 21 August 2010

Pain and Time...

While putting the garbage out last night I noticed the glorious light of the 3/4 moon shining through the clouds. As I looked up, I thought about the vastness of the universe and how small I really am in the scheme of things. How insignificant my pain and sadness is in comparison to the pain of the world. That led me to think about how much pain God feels for us as He looks at each and every one of us - Christian and non-Christian.

My pastor shared with some friends and myself a few weeks back about how much suffering and pain God endures for us. God keeps track of our sorrows, collects our tears in a bottle and records each one in His book (
Psalm 56:8). My pastor also went on to tell us how God lives in a timeless existence. He isn’t confined to time constraints like we are. He doesn’t live by a 24 hour clock. For God nothing has a beginning and end, a start and finish. Time just keeps going over and over.

Couple the time factor with the pain and sadness that He endures for us and I cannot even begin to try and imagine how His heart feels. We'll never know. We feel our pain and sadness, and live within our own time constraints. That is the difference between us and our mighty, all-knowing and loving God and Father. Even as I experience pain and sadness, I feel comforted by the fact that He is here, with me, for ALL time and through everything.


  1. It is so unthinkable the vastness of our Creator... no beginning, no end, He sees and knows all at once...Oh how sometimes I wish I was blessed with that but how I also understand I could never in human form handle it..

    I've often said that it would be a blessing and a curse to have a window into time... it would help me to know am I wasting time in a particular situation right now or, am I right where He needs me to be? but nearly every night I shed tears over the same question and the not knowing...

  2. Wow! What a great reflection on our God.