Saturday, 3 April 2010

For His Purpose and Heart's Desire...

I spent a wonderful few hours at my friend Jo Princess Warrior's house this evening. Along with me there were some of Jo and her husband's friends from their church and 6 lovely kiddies (Jasmine is with her father, so I am kid free for a few days). We all sat around drinking tea and chatting. One of Jo's friends and I got into a nitty gritty discussion about all things life and faith and I was able to not only connect with someone who has lived what I have lived, but also come away with a renewed sense of dignity and purpose. God is amazing with His timing!

I had a rather horrid afternoon. One of which I'd sooner forget. I ended up bouncing back, but it wasn't without a lot of pain and tears. Nevertheless, as I prepare to retire for tonight, I thought I'd join in with Then Sings My Soul Saturday and include a song that I listened to in the car on the way home. This is what I want in my lose my whole life in His purpose and for His heart's desire. To run with blinded eyes, with faith as my guide and to let His love take flight.

Please enjoy Citipointe Live singing Devoted. I am privileged to see Citipointe Live sing more often than not on a Sunday (when the band is not away doing concerts, etc) at my church. Totally blessed! If you have some time, please pop over to their web-site here and check out their music and webisodes of a recent trip to Cambodia where the church has a rescue home (SHE Rescue Home).


  1. Very Awesome Paula! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Love how God orchestrated it all for you Princess. xoxo