Tuesday, 9 March 2010

iHoard for Relationships...

Now...while my hoarding doesn't leave me to have the same problem as the lady in the above photo, I hoard...aka iHoard (I wonder if Apple could make a device to stop hoarding, or make it simpler? Hmmm...). But I'm glad that I hoard!

I usually think it a not so good thing, as I know that my car would dearly love to be parked in the garage. But it can't, as I have TOOOOOO much stuff in there! But it's a good thing! Hoarding allows me to then bless others!

Tonight I was able to give a lady in need some goods that have been kicking around home for a while. I've been umming and ahhing about what to do with the goods - op shop them or dump them? Well, God gave me the answer a few nights back by a Note post on Facebook (see, Facebook IS good!).

I find it amazing how God works. This lady, who is pregnant and has a 9 month old baby, had to leave her home with almost nothing. She now has a roof over her head, a bed to sleep on, a cot for her baby (almost! It's still in my lounge, but will get there soon!), goods for the kitchen, and more. It's totally amazing and awe-inspiring how people in need can be helped when word is put out there!

But...that's what the family of God does; it helps those in need. It is love in action. (Oh...I can feel a Word List post happening here!)

Yes...it's about relationships!

It's about demonstrating love in action in a relationship. It's demonstrating GOD'S love in action. That, after all, is what God is about! Love, action and relationships.

I used to think that being a Christian meant just believing that Jesus died on the cross for my past sins and that I was meant to do no wrong. I was so NOT in the know that I didn't even get that despite any sin that I may commit now, I am going to heaven. Wow! Talk about being thankful to go from milk to meat in my spiritual walk! Being a Christian means demonstrating love...Jesus' love.

So, back to hoarding and what it has to do with relationships. Well, it's this...

One woman with one need (among many) asks for help. One organisation assists the one woman by connecting with others to provide. The others then assist the one woman (not forgetting the little cherubs involved too!) by the love that comes from one God.

Relationships = love in action.

I hope that if you see or hear of a need this week and you can help, that you put love in action, start a relationship (even if by a few degrees of separation) and share God's love. I don't know the lady I've helped and I may never meet her until we get to heaven. But we are connected by a relationship, and that is as daughters of the King, our Most High God and Father.

Who would have thought that my hoarding would teach me a lesson in relationships? Pretty neat, and so usual of our cool God. Yes...you KNOW He's cool! Admit it!


  1. That's a cool story. Praise God for using you to help someone out and creating relationships. Praise HIM.

  2. So true. Relationships equaling love in action. Love is a action too and I think we forget that sometimes. Great story and yes facebook can be good!

    And that photo? CREEPY! ;)

  3. Great post Paula - I love the way God is using cyber space!

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! And yes! Great post Paula. We are to be known by our love (verb). Love it. Love you. Love Him. (In no particular order!!!)