Saturday, 4 October 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday...

I'm a day early due to the time difference, but I've just discovered that my church band, Citipointe Live, has posted new videos to their YouTube page from their live concert/album recording from back in June. (I'll do a link back to Amy's page once she posts). I had been waiting and waiting for weeks to attend the concert but on the weekend I was stuck in bed. I'd had influenza a month earlier, and my body was running out of steam again. I've never had the 'flu before, and I have to say that I thought childbirth was nicer!

Anyway, the video below is of Citipointe Live's song "Name of Jesus" and it is a special song for me. Last Sunday at church was "Saturate Sunday", which is the name for worship Sunday, where we spend extra time in worship and prayer to God. The band were singing this song, along with the church, eyes were closed, people were up the front being prayed over, and arms were raised heavenward seeking Jesus.

I sought Jesus, and I'm honoured to say that He came and found me. As the band was singing His name over and over, I had prayed that I could be forgiven for not being, and for help to be, the mother I should be. I felt lost in the moment, praying to my God, when all of a sudden, eyes still closed, I saw a serene and bearded face, surrounded by a gold/yellow light, appear to my left. His face was so close that I could have moved forward a little and placed my cheek next to His. Jesus looked right into my eyes and said, "it's alright Paula."

With that, the band stepped up the tempo, my eyes opened, and He was gone from my sight, but not from my heart. My heart is racing now just thinking about it, and tears are welling up in my eyes. Our Jesus, my Jesus, the man who suffered and died on the cross for me, had just appeared to me and told me that it was alright.

Please enjoy this video and take a moment to close your eyes and seek our Lord as you do. He IS waiting for us to seek Him. He's always there. We just need to, as the Pastor said later during his preach, allow Him to be able to get through all the busyness of our lives. That is what worship is for; an avenue for God and our Wonderful Saviour to get through to us.

PS: Amy has posted, so please check out her TSMSS blog post at Signs, Miracles and Wonders.


  1. What a great song... and an even greater personal testimony. Thank you so much for sharing what the LORD has done for you...


  2. There IS power in the name! What an awesome song. And what an incredible experience you had. Wow!

  3. This was an awesome song, Paula. Thank you for sharing it with us! We serve an awesome God and May He bless you abundantly today!

  4. I love songs about Jesus. And how amazing the presence of the Lord is!

  5. Nice song:) I thought I'd follow your blog. Hope you can stop by my "Christian Music Blog" its where I put Then singls my soul sat.

  6. This is such a wonderful song and goes so well with your testimony!

  7. Yes. There is power in His Name!Let us speak it out; and acknowledge Him.
    Thank you for this post. I enjoyed the video!

    "In all thy ways acknowledge him..."

    PS gotta love Aussie accents, especially in song :)

  8. Isn't technology great? I'm here in Canada praising God along with you in Autralia. I love to know that there are people worshipping the same God all over the world!
    PS. Thanks also for sharing your intimate time with God.

  9. Paula, your testimony gave me goosebumps. What an awesome blessing. Love that song, and ther is power in His name.


  10. What a beautiful experience you had with our Lord at that concert! Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing. What a blessing to have such great music at your church too. I enjoyed the song. :)