Monday, 6 October 2008

Monday Manna - Psalm 139...

I thought I'd join Kristen from Exemplify in some "Monday Manna". The object was to read through Psalm 139 and write about a verse that stood out. For me, two verses stood out, and here they from three different Bible versions, with accompanying study notes where relevant.

Psalm 139:5-6

"You hem me in -- behind and before; you have laid your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me." (NIV)

(NIV Study notes - "keep my under scrutiny, laid your hand upon me so that I do not escape you, ...too wonderful for me...beyond my human capacity." )

"You have hedged me behind and before, And laid Your hand upon me. Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is high, I cannot attain it." (NKJV)

(NKJV Truth-In-Action notes - "Allow the truth to comfort you and give you hope, realising that God knows you intimately. He loves you more than you can imagine and is present with you in every place and in every situation.")

"I look behind me and you're there, then up ahead and you're there, too -- your reassuring presence, coming and going. This is too much, too wonderful -- I can't take it all in!" (MSG)

These verses stood out to me because all throughout my adult life, when I wasn't walking with God, I always felt an overwhelming need, an immense yearning, for something, which I know now was Him. Looking back I realise that it was just His way of letting me know that He was there and that He was willing to wait for me; His "reassuring presence". He never let me down, although I let Him down. His hand was upon me the whole time, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not escape Him. He was, and is, everywhere.

I find it overwhelming that there is a being that knows me better than I actually know myself. That He knows exactly what I'm going to say or think or do in the next millisecond. That He knows why I get the pain in my stomach, and why I get the aches in my limbs. He knows all this, and He knows how to fix it, but just wants me to come to the party and need Him - really want Him - before these things can be fixed. It's not His way of playing games with us; it's His way of ensuring that we, as mere humans, will always rely on Him for everything, because He is willing to give it to us.

These verses touched my heart as they’re a reminder of the fact that God never left me but I left Him. But, because of His gracious heart and love for me, He gave me a second, third and fourth chance at loving Him completely and without reserve. It is "too much, too wonderful" and "I can't take it all in!"

Dear Lord, Thank you for never leaving me. Thank you for sending Jesus to take away all my sin. Thank you for loving me as much as you do. Amazing God and Father who sent His Amazing Son to earth for us. In Your Name, Amen


  1. Wow! I needed to read this post right now Paula. Thank you. I needed to be reminded that he is with me every step of the way. You have a real gift with expressing yourself! xo

  2. It is overwhelming that He is always there loving us - even when we try to hide!

  3. What an awesome God!!
    I've felt that pull too, and I'm so thankful He was/is always there!

  4. Hi Paula,

    This is my first time to visit your blog, so nice to meet you!
    I love Psalm 139! It is one of my favorites. I too have experienced that yearning when I wasn't walking with God and it makes me thankful that He puts that yearning for Himself in our hearts.
    You have great insight into this passage. I especially like this: "I find it overwhelming that there is a being that knows me better than I actually know myself." I couldn't have said it better myself.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. What a beautiful post -- it reminds me of a CS Lewis quote, " find the place where all the longing came from."

    Our hearts do yearn.

  6. This is a beautiful verse, and your thoughts are also so encouraging and overwhelming to me. I really appreciated the different translations!

  7. You would have no doubt read the "Foot Prints" poem that runs in the same vein. So, so comforting. And, yes, there is no escaping Him... Praise the Lord!

  8. Oh wow, what a great study and scriptures.

    Yes, He loves us THAT MUCH!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Great post!

    Stop by, I'm having a give a way now.


  9. It is TOO wonderful! Thank you for posting this.