Wednesday, 9 October 2013

BlogtoberFest 2013: A Late Start...

Hi! And welcome to my late start to BlogtoberFest2013 that is being hosted by the lovely Michelle over at Shells in the Bush.

I'm late starting as I had my parents visiting from interstate for my cousin's wedding, so I've decided to not play catch up and start from today.

The last week was filled with fun days hanging out with my dad, mum and daughter. We spent time visiting an historical village, eating out and catching up with family. It's always nice to have my family visit, and yes, I become a tad homesick after they leave!

On writing this post it has dawned on me that the title of "A Late Start" is quite apt for me and my life. I feel as though, at 43 years of age, my life is just starting. After marrying at 20, divorcing at 28, having a child at 34, becoming a solo parent at 36, and choosing to become a bona fide single woman over the last few years, I am only now just coming into my own. The "dream life" of getting married, having a child and living happily ever after, as per the world's standards, didn't happen for me. I don't know if the "happily ever after" part will come true with someone else, but either way I have Jesus and He is enough.

Jesus will always be enough.

And as I delve into God's Word more with the studies I have been doing lately, the peace that has come from realising that Jesus will always be enough is more than I had ever hoped for. He is reliable, ever-present, loving, patient and very kind.

My "Late Start" in life is exactly what God intended. And so is the "Late Start" to BlogtoberFest 2013.

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  1. A late start is better than not starting at've definitely started on life too. It's not always how we thought it might be.