Saturday, 19 October 2013

BF2013: The Well...

On Thursday night just gone, I attended The Well at the Hope Haven, which is a drop-in centre run by the Hope Foundation. I am a supporter of the Foundation, which operates as "a national charity, based in Brisbane, that comes alongside women wanting life change from addictions and/or the sex industry."  I have made many friends among the ladies involved with the Foundation, and am thankful for their friendship and example.

The Well is a once a month evening of worship and prayer, where I am able to relax, listen to worship songs (and sing if I feel like it), pray and soak in His presence. At Thursday night's Well I was able to do all these things (except sing thanks to the pain from the gaping big hole in my gum!). While soaking in the peace that comes from such an evening I wrote down some jottings, which were inspired by not only the songs but by the prayers that the Hope Foundation Founder and CEO, Bronwen Healy, prayed to our Lord.

His love never fades. Never fails. Never runs out.
          He will never leave me.

We exalt His holy name.
We glorify His name.
          "We glorify Your name in all the earth."
We giveHim the highest praise.
We worship no-one above Him.

He deserves ALL of us, not just when we can fit Him in.
Our schedule should be set around Him, not the other way around.

"Reveal who you are - through everything we say and do. Even eye contact with others matters." - Bronwen Healy

Rest for my soul is the presence of Jesus.
          Immerse yourself!
Rest in Him. Be willing to let yourself get lost in His presence.

He is our Living Hope.
Become more aware of His presence.
Let us experience the glory of His goodness.
          Need to allow Him to come into our presence.
Don't let our activities block Him out.
Quet time. Rest. Soak in His presence. Don't block Him out.

My reality. God can and will strengthen me to face mine.
Whatever our reality is, He can strengthen us to deal with it and live through it.
          He can do it.

What life has He choseen for me, and you, to live?
          Ask Him.

Song, thoughts, prayers, words from the Holy Spirit. Such a beautiful expression of His love for us. It's not us, it's Him. All Him. He provides for us at The Well.

Praise His glorious name.

 PS: If you would like to support the Hope Foundation, please go to the web-site and read about the amazing work that is being done to help women be free of drug addication and/or the sex industry.

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