Tuesday, 22 October 2013

BF2013: Isaiah on My Mind…

Yesterday Isaiah was on my mind. Words of hope, promise and love. Light bulb moments beaming with fresh realisations about God. Understanding Him more. Rationalising why the world is confused by Him.

God speaks with truth, consistency and love. He cherishes us. His purpose for us was made clear. He hasn’t digressed from that vision. That purpose, and His love, never changes (see Isaiah 44:8).
                HE WON’T CHANGE HIS MIND … EVER!

Relief floods my heart, and as I close my eyes I gain some steps forward in my journey with Jesus. Feeling His closeness and the peace that ensues is pure joy.

The world doesn’t understand God, and yesterday I realised that God’s proclamations of His power and greatness are misinterpreted.

He’s not saying those things because He’s bragging, or because He wants to intimidate us into following Him.

He is declaring His love for us. Reassuring us that we can turn to Him and rely on Him without fail.
We need to be as bold as God. We need to proclaim that WE ARE SAVED. WE ARE LOVED. WE ARE VALUED. WE HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. Not to brag, but to share in love with others the joy that comes from knowing Jesus.

He is our living water. The only means of complete and thorough refreshment (see Isaiah 44:3-4).

He chose to give us His Spirit and blessing.

We are meant to THRIVE, and not just be.

Be bold.
Be brave.
Be courage.

Exude intrepidity.

Share His love. Share His purpose. Share His living water. Splash it out over all you meet. And remember that YOU are loved, cherished and made for His purpose.


  1. Love your thoughts here, Paula!!

    1. Thanks Jo! It's amazing how the enemy has not liked me having these thoughts...one...little...bit! Pxo