Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Changing, Morphing, Evolving...

These are the words that Ann Kroeker used yesterday in a tweet to me about how blogging has changed in the last few years. I agree and stated how I noticed that it's become outward instead of inward; how we can bless others. These tweets were in response to one that Ann posted about L.L. Barkat and how she does not have a desire to blog. I agree with L.L. and it's largely due to the same reason.

Because I've been blogging for half my daughter's life and I now feel that it's time to change how I approach it. I won't say that I will stop, but I do admit that the desire to blog is no longer there. I know that will change, and that is why I won't say goodbye to my blog page. It's me,a dn while what I blog about and how often I blog has changed, the desire to share with others - the premise behind my blog - is.

I made the decision at a women's conference I attended at the end of September that instead of sharing my heart of my blog, I would still type my words up as if to blog but keep them to myself. I have done that, but I have also shared my heart, much to the chagrin of some. I am at a point in my life where I need to be there for ME, and I know I can do that while also blessing others, but it's important I guard my heart in the process.

Yes, I will still be around on here, and hope to share some pertinent posts about depression, being a single mother and the like, but not so much on the sharing of what is in my heart. That's for God and I.

So thank you L.L. and Ann for your tweets as they helped me put into fruition what God planted in my heart.

In Him Always,


  1. Wow...I hope that you enjoy quiet, sweet communion with God, narrowing your focus in this space here, however you decide to best utilize it.

    Blogging sure does continue to evolve--right now, it seems to be changing person by person. Here you are, one of those persons.

    Thank you for sharing the tiny role I played in this process, as God took those words from that Tweet to confirm what you were already thinking.