Thursday, 22 November 2012

Because I Had to Get Up and Preach Today...

"The Lord is good to everyone. He showers his compassion on all his creation."-Psalm 145:9

The biggest mistake we - saved and unsaved - think is that the bad stuff that happens comes from God. It doesn't peeps, as God does NOT know how to be any way or anything but good. God is just good with the extra 'o' taken out. And that 'o' is what you might be saying right now. 'O' as in "is He?". Well yes my friend! He IS good. Who is bad then, you may ask? It's Satan who only has his limited power here on earth to attack is in our human flesh. Be that as it may, painful and all, if we stick close to God in our souls, where God either lives or wants to live, inside us all, Satan cannot win. God loves YOU. He IS good and knows NO bad. Don't ever let life, people or your own thinking tell you any different.

Be blessed,
Paula xo

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