Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Big Fat Lies Of My Life...

Have you ever lived a lie? I've lived a few...

My marriage was a lie. My last relationship was a lie. And even the relationship in between was, because I was lying to myself.

I thought all these relationships were the truth until, slowly but surely, the real deal came to be exposed in each of them. Truths that included adultery, addiction and alternative lifestyles.

It’s one month since the latest lie was hammered home and I’m feeling particularly fragile because of it. It can be difficult to move forward when your world, and the trust and belief you had in someone, is turned upside down, even when you already suspected the truth and had evidence of it.

But the peace I need is available.

Jesus is that peace.

Jesus is right here with me offering peace, rest and comfort. He is reminding me that I am worthy of love, I am a beautiful woman - made whole and lovely for a purpose - and how one day I will know what true love is.

"My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him." - Psalm 62:1 NIV


  1. Interesting post sis and Jesus is so with you to take away all those bad feelings...Thanks for posting this because there are so many people who are living a life in a lie and they wish they could tell someone..thanks for sharing your story..

  2. Beautiful woman. Jesus is wrapping up your heart with so much love right now...

    Sometimes it doesn't feel like it... but that doesn't mean it's not true.

    Even though those feelings of betrayal, hurt & deep sadness are still raw, it doesn't change the truth.

    That being, you are lovely; you are beautiful and you are worthy of being loved through & through with true unselfish love.

    Don't fret, dear one... just rest in His love as He holds you Paula... How He loves you!


    Paula, one day I'll share my 'no men in 2010' story... it's carried onto 2011 too, unfortunately I haven't found a nice, pithy saying for 2011... and then of course 2012 is coming too... :P

    *a big, loving & warm hug to you from me* xxx

    You know I was thinking last night... I really honestly want to pursue truth. And it takes a gutsy person to be honest with themselves at the lies that they've been telling (themselves)... I've been shocked at some of mine... [another story for another day]

    You're gutsy. You are strong. And you're another Princess Warrior.

    God bless you dear friend... it WILL get better. And you know it :) xxx