Friday, 29 April 2011

Fasting from Facebook...

Those who know and love me (ahhh) all know that I love sharing, hence the name of this blog page. But the time has come, thanks to a revelation from God during the Daniel Fast that I'm on, for me to spend more time just sharing with myself.

I need to get to know God more. I need to spend more time with just Him. And I'm not alone. Take a read of my beautiful friend Jo's post here at Princess Warrior Lessons on saying "Goodbye Facebook...".

Jo captures my heart in her post. She shares her heart and is very transparent about why she is saying goodbye to Facebook for the month of May, as am I. Will Jo return? That is yet to be decided. Will I return? That is also yet to be decided.

What I am looking forward to is spending my Facebook time reading His Word - studying who He is, who Jesus is and who the Holy Spirit is.

Please pop over to Jo's blog as she shares her heart.

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