Friday, 22 April 2011

Blessed by 100 Gifts...

It's amazing how once you start writing your gifts from God, you will actually find blessings in the smallest of things. Like this morning when I saw a dragonfly hovering just above the road in front of me. A truly intricate and amazing creature! 

My One Thousand Gifts list is now up to 111, but I'm only going to go up to 100 here on my blog. Let's begin for today...and finish:

81. Helping Jasmine set up her own blog page.
82. Being able to soothe Jasmine's emotional hurts.
83. Beautiful friends who pray for me from afar.
84. Jasmine getting our breakfast ready in the mornings.
85. Having as much patience as I'm humanly able while having a sprained neck.
86. My electricity account being in credit prior to going into winter.
87. A caring manager at work who eases my heart when I feel guilty for not being able to go into work due to my beck.
88. A loving friend who encourages me to seek alternate treatment for my neck.
89. Soaking in a lavender and eucalyptus oil bath.
90. Sweet worship music to remind me who is actually in control of my present situation!
91. Friday movie night in my bed with Jasmine.
92. Being able to give Jasmine her 10th star so she can get her good behaviour and helping prize.
93. Striking colour-filled sunsets after a rough day.94. Being able to freely declare my love for Jesus and not be punished.
95. Being respected as a woman and not be treated badly.
96. Reliving my youth through watching Transformers. I love Optimus Prime...and Bumblebee!
97. Lessons learnt by watching "How to Train Your Dragon", ie getting to knows others before judging them...and assuming things!
98. Having so many gifts to write down.
99. Riding on the bus with Jasmine.
100. Sunshine and blue sky.

There are, and will be, many more gifts that God will present to me on a daily basis. I am thankful that I have eyes to see, ears to hear, skin to feel, tastebuds to taste and a nose to smell the wonders that abound!


  1. Maybe I need to start a list because I am feeling pretty bankrupt on the blessing list just now!!

  2. Hooray for 100 gifts in you life. Love you xo