Wednesday, 6 April 2011

And the Gifts Keep Coming...

Just how great and giving is our God? He is amazing in ALL that He gives us. May you be inspired by the gifts that He has presented me...
61. Cups of tea to delight my tastebuds.
62. A little girl who like to help at home.

63. Silence to be able to hear God's birds outside.

64. Hot chocolate...yum!

65. Photographing plants in the rain.

66. Talking God stuff with my mum.

67. Blood red nail polish...rrrowrrr!

68. My sister-in-law Anna's beautiful photography.

69. My weekends without Jasmine.

70. Jasmine's return home after a weekend away with her dad.

71. Watching movies in bed.

72. Giving Jasmine stars for helping.

73. The amazing truths and revelations that God gives me daily from His Word.

74. Jesus for loving me and never leaving my side.

75. See, and hearing, a pied currawong at work after talking with Jasmine about it only days before.

76. The courage to speak up to someone who was once dear to me, and not be worried about any recriminations!

77. Friends who bless me with a lawn mower (thank you dear friends!)

78. My very patient daughter throughout my sprained neck experience.

79. Finding out about mutual friends via the "other" friend. It's a small world!

80. Listening to Jasmine read Dr. Seuss out loud...really LOUD!

A mixed bag of gifts for me here, but isn't that just like God? Proving that He IS everywhere, and all the time.

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  1. Love your list of simple gifts, there is always soemthing to be thankful for, even if it just a cup of tea :-)