Saturday, 26 March 2011

He Gives Me Gifts...

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My lovely friend Jo from Princess Warrior Lessons has been reading Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts and started posting her gifts on her blog. With Jo's encouragement I have also started my own list, and have also started reading the book on my trusty Kindle for PC application!

I'm glad to say that I have now list 90 gifts, and the gifts keep coming! So, here are some (I won't bombard you with all 90 in one post!) of the gifts that God has given me so far...

1. Knowing God and His love for me.

2. Having Jesus to love.

3. Jasmine - my little gift from God.

4. An understanding doctor (I have a sprained neck at present...ouch!)

5. Ample food to eat.

6. Spongey grass under my feet at the park.

7. The butterfly that touched my hand. Bliss!

8. Crows that have conversations with each other in the trees.

9. Snuggles from Jasmine in the mornings.

10. Warm milk and honey to help me sleep.

11. Holding Jasmine's hand as we walk along together.

12. "Puckery" kisses from Jasmine.

13. Back scratches and hair brushing by my girl.

14. A roof over my head that keeps me dry and safe.

15. Kari Jabe's melodic voice.

16. Jo Princess Warrior, my best friend in Jesus.

17. My amazing psychologist who helped me unpack my life.

18. Chai lattes that delight my senses.

19. Little white pills that keep me balanced!

20. God's Word where I gain truth from.

Please consider grabbing a small notebook and starting up your list of One Thousand Gifts. You'll be surprised by what you find!

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