Friday, 11 February 2011

The Need to Let Go...

God doesn’t expect me to have all the answers, but to go to Him when I have questions. He doesn’t expect me to do everything right all the time, but to seek Him for His grace when I mess up. God doesn’t expect me to breeze through this human existence without pain and suffering, but to rest in Him when I need comfort.

He just wants to love me, just like I want to be loved.

He is the only One who can give me the love I need, so I ask myself why I’m looking in the wrong direction for that love.

It's called the human condition: frail, weak, tempted...all the reasons why I need God.

I am not of this world but am in it. I grew up in the world with a little smattering of God on the side. I need to reverse my focus and keep looking to Him. Keep my eyes on the prize, and remember that through Jesus' example, I am called share that prize with others.

Let go of me and take Him on, not just bits, but all of Him. Not giving the precious parts of my heart to those who will never fully appreciate it, but letting Jesus do the living through me, and love me as I need in return.


  1. I so struggle with trying to get what my heart needs from people. When will I ever learn? Thanks for sharing your heart, friend.

  2. I could not have said it better. Amen...Praise You Jesus!