Tuesday, 9 November 2010

What Connecting Means...

I’ve been going to my church – Citipointe – for almost four years. I have made some wonderful friends at church and I look forward to seeing them every week. It took me a while to get connected in the church, but I feel that God left me to find my feet with Him before connecting me with others. The purpose behind this, I believe, was so that I could live through my difficult time with Him and learn from Him so I could bless others, as I’m doing now. His ways are mysterious, but it’s only when looking back at how the last four years have panned out, I can see His mark all over my life!

I remember a pastor at church saying a few years back that “we are all exactly today where we are meant to be”. I’ve held onto that and it’s certainly helped me through some rough patches. In contemplating life as a single mother and knowing that I’ve made some bad choices; reminding myself that God has had my life under His control has made the journey bearable.

What does all this mean as far as connecting goes? Well, it means that almost five years down the track from separating from my daughter’s father and becoming a single mum, or solo parent as I prefer to be called, I am most definitely exactly where I am meant to be. I am now co-leading a women’s connect group at church, and I am also a referral point for new single mums at church.

Praise God for His planning! Two years ago I knew that God had something planned for me, and He told me what it was. Today I am doing it. I never had the confidence back then, but now I do. I didn’t think I’d be able to talk with women and provide encouragement, but now I do. It’s called connecting. And it’s what I know in my heart God planned for me to do...right from birth.

Some would say that living the life I have over the last twenty years seems a cruel way for someone to find their calling. But when you think about it, how else is someone going to better help others than to live through hard times? I made some poor choices, but in hindsight, those choices now serve a grander purpose, and that is sharing what God truly intended for my life, and for how God wants other women to live their lives.

God’s glory and magnificence shines through in my life in so many areas. From raising a child alone, to dealing with depression and anxiety, to providing for us; His hand is on all of it. I was told recently that even though I had not walked with God for the latter half of my life, I was never out of His grasp. This is true. Without Him keeping me at arm’s length, and even pulling me out of danger on occasion, I would not be the witness I am now.

So, connecting is an important aspect of my life now. From a self-professed hermit to a connector, I think God has done a good thing in me. I look for opportunities to help and bless people, and I love it!


  1. Great post Paula. Love the way God is moving in your life :)

  2. Paula!!!!!!!!! You are amazing- I just have to tell you again. I am thinking back to when we first met to now and wow-let me say it backwards - wow you are like a bud that was tightly closed to one in full bloom enjoying His sunshine. xo