Friday, 24 September 2010

What Can't I Show Passion Like That?

Why can’t I show passion like that? This is a question that I often ask myself but don’t always get an answer! Why do I ask this? Well, it’s because being a solo parent and home maker, doing the full-time work that I do, being part of the church family I am a part of, and being a blogger/writer like I am, I always wonder why I don’t have just a little more zeal for what I do.

I believe it’s because God has wanted me to concentrate on the zeal I need for myself before being fully able to bless others. It’s also because I AM a solo parent and have to juggle many things. I also have a different focus to my work colleagues, church members and blogger/writer friends. Up until this point in time my focus has been on surviving and getting through the season that I’ve just been in.

I work with mostly non-Christians. During my time off the narrow path in my twenties and thirties, I did have a passion for what I was doing at work. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the work I do, but I just don’t make it the be all and end all of my life (and that’s not to say that my colleagues do either!). I feel that God has other plans for my passion and zeal.

I do really admire a couple of ladies that I work with. They both have a lot of passion for what they do and it shows. I am blessed to be able to work with them and have learnt, and continue to learn, a lot of valuable lessons from them. I long for that passion with what I am called to do. But what am I called to do?

I asked God this question the other day and He replied, “Jasmine.” He told me how I am to raise her in the type of home that brings glory to Him. Even though I don’t have a husband, I do have one in God. Even though Jasmine doesn’t have a father living at home with her, she does have God. We are to eat, breath, play, work, and love God.

I also really admire a lot of women who I am connected to in the blogger world. I wonder at times how on earth they do all they do as well as maintain a home and family.

The one thing that I’ve had to remind myself not to do in pondering passion and zeal is to compare myself with anyone else. God has me in the position I’m in for a reason. I am a solo parent, full-time worker in a secular office, friend, church member and blogger/writer for a reason. His vision of what my life is to be like is becoming clearer every day. He is showing me what He has pre-destined for me in His time, not mine.

What things are you passionate about? Where does your zeal come from? If you’re in ministry and also have a job, home and family to tend to, how do you fit everything in? Please share your thoughts in a comment. You WILL be blessing not only me but others who read my blog.


  1. Paula... love this post.

    To answer your questions. I'm passionate about my God and sharing Him with anyone who will listen. I'm passionate about my marriage. Whatever zeal I have comes only from God. The Holy Spirit lives in me. That being said, keeping my eyes on the Prize, Jesus, and staying in His word feeds my soul/mind/body. Let the Spirit lead you. Never take on more than can fit on your plate. Pick and choose what best suits you and your schedule. Sometimes we can bite off more than we can chew and end up spitting some out. That's OK... Jesus has your back. Never take on tasks/jobs that interfere with your time as Mum. Jasmine is the future generation. Train her well and God's word will grow in her for future generations. Praise the LORD.

  2. Just rememeber you are not called to do what everyone is is called to do. We all run our own race. I use to play the comparison game a lot and always lost!

    Once I cut out everything that I thought I ought to and schould be doing and learned more about myself, I found out that I passionate about:

    ~ my Beloved Jesus
    ~ my husband
    ~ my children and homeshooling them
    ~ writing
    ~ sharing His love with others by actions

    I love watching you be transformed before my very eyes into what you were always destined to be.

    Our children are our arrows in our quiver. They will do and go to places that we will never go. We are the bow and we get stretchded by raising them and allowing them to become who they are meant to become in Him.

    Love you sister. xo

  3. It is so true, we cannot help but compare and feel like everyone else seems so passionate and like they are running hard after life. But we are not to look in their lane, but keep focused on our race and our finish line.
    I find I am passionate, or feel most alive when I am gathering women together just to love on them and tell them they are beautiful. Also when I see community operating well, and contributing to that in some way. I love my family, but at times I can't say i am zealous if I am honest! I just do what I can for that day and look for the God moments scattered throughout the day. Keep running YOUR race xx

  4. Great post :)It is hard not to compare yourself with others there are some amazing people out there. But everyone situation is different some have amazing support networks and people who can help carry their load. We often look at what others do from the outside but never know what goes on behind the scenes.