Friday, 13 August 2010

She Loves Much...

My girlie and I enjoyed a couple of days together, mixed in with play dates and appointments. We had a lovely time and on our walk into her school this morning, Jasmine gladly told me how much she enjoyed our little holiday and that she had fun.

Over the last couple of days, she has also given me a foot rub, massaged my back with new skills she learnt from watching a friend at church give me a head and shoulder massage, brushed my hair and scratched my back, and also drove me almost crazy with her constant yapping (that involves talking, singing audible and inaudible tune and out - hehe - much humphing, and even more huffing and puffing).

Jasmine is growing up fast and her love and understanding about God is developing at a healthly rate. She even told me yesterday how God and Jesus are the same people. Very cute. She sees me see God in everything. And she sees how much God does for us and how He looks after us. She is truly a blessing!

She loves God and she loves me...much!

(PS: She didn't really want me to take this photo as she said, "Mum, you're always wanting to take photos of me!")


  1. This is so incredibly precious Paula as are you and your daughter! May the LOVE OF GOD remain as the bond between you both.

    Love and hugs!

  2. She is so delicious! We love her so much. xo