Monday, 30 November 2009

What's Your Definition?

What do you let define you? To describe you as a person; to dictate what you do in life, how you feel about yourself? Do you let an experience from the past define who you are now? Is that definition – that you choose to give yourself – dictating what you do, or don’t do, in your life? Does it cause you to live in the past? Does it cause you to not move on? Does it control you?

I could let many experiences from my past define who I am – wallflower, people pleaser, divorcee, sacked worker, single mother, victim of emotional and verbal abuse, scorned wife, victim of bullying, and the list goes on. But I choose to see these things as circumstances that I experienced and lived through. Note the past tense there. Those things are events that had an impact on who I am today; the means to help others who are going through the same issues today.

I am not Paula with all the above listed behind my name. I am Paula who experienced these occurrences in my life and moved on.

Don’t let your past rule who you see yourself to be now; let it propel you forward to help others. Be the gift that God knows they need to receive. You made it through … share your joy at having done that!


  1. this is your defintion on your sidebar:

    Loved by God. Lover of Jesus. Blessed by the gift of my daughter. Honoured by my family. Enriched through my friends. Finding peace in only He who matters.

    Great post Paula. I find myself making the mistake of defining myself by my past at times. Thanks for the reminder. xoxoxo

  2. Great post! It can be hard getting caught up in all that has, and is happening in our lives but you are right. There is only one that can define us, and that is Jesus.

  3. Well said Paula. The only thing that should define us is the positive work the Lord has built in and His vision of who we are.