Wednesday, 9 December 2009


God has been teaching me a lot lately.

How to manage my time better. How to control my complex personality, for want of a better way to describe me. How to focus my attention on the things that truly matter. How to channel my thoughts towards what will actually matter in eternity.

I'm finding life to be very challenging at the moment - both in a positive and negative way. By positive, I mean that I am making changes and adjustments that are improving my life. In the negative, I mean that the world and it's depravity gets the better of me at times and brings me down.

Thankfully we serve a God who makes His divine presence known in all areas. In the positive areas, it's through helping me to make worthwhile changes and adjustments that help me live more productively. In the negative areas, it's through reminding me that while the world is like it is, His way is the best way and that I am to not feel scared by what I encounter here.

The world actually scares me, to be quite honest. The depravity of human beings, the way in which humans portray themselves, the low acts that are performed just to make people take notice, and so on. These things really don't matter in the ultimate scheme of things. All that matters is living for God, sharing His love with the world, and following His Word.

Some people, I believe, are followers and some are leaders. The followers get drawn into the depravity of the world that the leaders portray as being 'great, enjoyable and so worth your while'. Sex, alternative lifestyles, drugs, deception, and the like, are all thrown in our faces as worthwhile pursuits. These things are not. God is the only worthwhile pursuit.

God will fulfill every need that you have.
God will satisfy the cravings we have for a sense of belonging.
God will fill the empty void that we have in our soul.
God just will.

There is NO doubt about that.

Why will He do that?

Because He made us to be His. Not the world's. His.

I had the chance to share with some work colleagues last week how God works in my life. I shared how He works in an amazing way. I honestly don't feel worthwhile to be the recipient of everything He has done, and continues to do, for me. He thinks that I'm worthwhile. He made me; He knows me.

I have led a life whereby I could, and perhaps should, be disease riddled, the victim of worse things than I've encountered, and even be in a far worse position that I am financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Why am I not? Because of Him.

He has sustained me and watched over me for my entire life, even when I haven't walked with Him. Aside from the fact that He loves me so, He has done this so I can be where I am now. In the here and now, strong in my belief that HE alone is worth the glory for my life, despite its ups and downs.

So, back to my priorities. My eyes are fixed on Him, my sweetie, my daughter, my family, friends and work colleagues, and anyone who I encounter who is experiencing what I have in life. Why? So I can pass on His love. That's the number one priority.

I am truly blessed by Him.


  1. Hi Paula, just came accross your blog. Such beautiful, thoughtful words. Love passing on His love.

  2. Amen Paula. I'm truly blessed by God too. What glory we serve! AMEN and Amen.

  3. Cling to the LORD dear friend as He continues to work in your heart and life. You are precious to HIM.

    Merry CHRISTmas and Blessed New Year to you and your daughter.