Monday, 29 September 2008

We Need God in Our Soul...

I could not resist it! After seeing Kristen's Wordle art on Psalm 139 this afternoon I just had to try it out. I first "Wordled" my blog, and also my Mummy Moment's page, but then I decided to try Psalm 42, and above is the result.

Pretty nifty stuff! I love how the words "God" and "soul" stand out, especially being that I'm doing the Yes To God study on "Behind Those Eyes: What's really going on inside the soul's of women" by Lisa Whittle.

Give Wordle a try; it sure is fun!


  1. That looks great! And very appropriate re the study... My books not in my hands yet. Hopefully tomorrow...

  2. Someone showed me that earlier! Love it!

  3. Paula, I love this. The big "God" just does my heart good this morning. Thanks, my friend!