Friday, 10 October 2014

Blogtoberfest 2014: Four Days In One

"Spring Break", as it's called, is over for uni. That has meant that this week was all about getting back on track with my study. I wasn't going to take last week off from study but spring cleaning, catching up on TV and visiting with friends seemed more important. I kind of regret that now as I could have used at least some of the week (think not watching TV mainly!) to read and research for the five assessments I have due over the next few weeks. Argh! After a mild meltdown after the realisation that I wouldn't be able to keep up with my assignments hit, I regrouped, applied for an extension for one assessment, and got on with it.

I enrolled in four unit this semester. I now realise that it was one unit too many, but I will scrape it in! I feel I've done well for someone who left school in 1985 and hasn't done any major or serious study since. Thankfully I love to read and learn so the transition back to student in that regard wasn't difficult. Organising myself as a mum, cleaner, cook, etc was.

Semester Three is approaching and I've decided that I am only going to do one unit. I had hoped for two, but what I want to do is being taught at the same time. Grrr! So, one unit it will be, which will mean I can finally finish my spring cleaning, organise my art work, do all the online art classes I have paid for, and just be a mum. As well as the cleaning, cooking, etc. Speaking of cooking...

I've made a switch to gluten free eating this week. My fibromyalgia has been flaring up for the last few weeks since the warmer weather arrived, and is also excaserbated by hormones and what I eat. I had a full body massage on Wednesday (which was a killer!) but between it and my new eating habits, plus some slightly cooler temperatures, my fibromyalgia hasn't been playing up as badly. The bonus is that I have not had any serious (think 9 on the 1-10 scale) hip pain over the last two days. I'm looking forward to launching myself more into gluten free eating and taking care of myself better. I am actually on Weight Watchers (since May) and while I have put on some weight over the last month, I am still less than what I was when I started. It's back on the WW bandwagon for me too.

From now on my Blogtoberfest posts won't be every day due to my study load, but I will keep posting as I find blogging a great outlet for all the adult conversation I don't get to have as a mostly external uni student and single mum!

In Him Always,


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