Friday, 11 October 2013

BF2013: Yesterday I Said Goodbye to... tooth. One of my upper left molars. One that cracked over 10 years ago, has since undergone a root canal treatment and many repairs. Approximately four weeks ago I developed an abscess that caused pain worse than childbirth (I'm serious!). Yesterday I had that tooth removed due to it well and truly reaching its expiration date.

I didn't want to lose my tooth, or any tooth for that matter, as I liked having a full set of pearly whites. But, alas, I had to!

What helped me through losing my tooth was something I read a couple of nights ago in a Max Lucado book. He talked about a leper whose lips had fallen off, and so on. I decided then and there to search for photos of lepers. Seeing the faces and hands and bodies of these beautiful people so badly scarred and disfigured by leprosy made me realise that one tooth does not matter.

I had asked God to help me to let go I'd my tooth and accept that I may have to lose it. He answered by showing me people who have so much less.

I'm so thankful that I have a God who answers prayers to thoughtfully. And I'm also thankful that He is helping me cope with the pain I'm experiencing from the extraction (no, it wasn't a simple one, and I was awake for it).

God is very good.

Paula xo

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