Tuesday, 13 November 2012

On Jesus and Trust...

Is it OK for me to take a leaf out of Jesus’ book and decide to not entrust myself to others? Jesus did that in John 2 after many people began to trust Him on seeing the miraculous signs He performed. However, “He didn’t trust them, because He knew human nature. No one needed to tell Him what mankind is like.” (John 2:24-25 NLT)

Jesus was obviously a smart man. He knew the real deal because, basically, He came from God (the real deal) and so thus was, and is, the real deal. We, as humans, have to learn the real deal, and as I’ve found out, it’s tough. But I can understand exactly why Jesus chose not to trust, because I am at that place now.

In Matthew 9:4 He asked some teachers of religious law why they have such evil throughs in their hearts. On the outside they spoke forgiveness, but on the inside their hearts were evil. Not much seems to have change for some people in the 2000 plus years since.

The internet and social media has paved the way for many people today to justify the evilness in their hearts as sharing, educating, etc. Blog posts, tweets, you name it and some people are doing it. Even I am guilty of having a dig at others and letting the evil that is in my heart (because, let’s face it, we’re only human so we ALL have it) bubble up on the outside. But this is something that I’m training myself not to do. I can be a down right bee-atch at times, and pity the poor person who suffers my wrath. Let’s just say that geographical distance between me and some people has been a literacy godsend for me and them! But, with the wisdom of my Father God, the love of Jesus, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I am learning – rather quickly – to keep my evil thoughts between God and I. Others, hmmm, not so much from what I can see.

What appears to me as an attempt to prove a point has convinced me that a decision I recently made was a right one. Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit I decided to grant myself some space in a certain area of my life. This then appeared to be not acceptable and expectations were set, and I retreated based on feeling threatened and cajoled. I know who I am; I know how to process hurt and humiliation, so I knew that I needed space. I did not, and still do not, regret the decision to ask for space. And why? It’s because of John 2:24.

I don’t feel that I’ve misinterpreted what I’ve seen and read, but I do feel that I’m justified in feeling as I do, and in making the choice I made. Jesus made that choice too. The Bible doesn’t say must forget after we forgive. God says we must be cautious after we are hurt and forgiveness is granted. And I’m sure God wouldn’t want salt rubbed into a wound either.

No matter how you claim to live, but God’s grace or your own, having your actions cause someone to no longer trust you with their heart is a big deal; part of the real deal.

So, be careful with people’s hearts, especially your own. Whether your interactions are face-to-face or online, just be careful. The heart knows the truth of how it feels, and mine surely does. I’m OK with no longer trusting some people, and I’m sure that Jesus is OK with that too.