Thursday, 1 March 2012

What Is It?

It's a bond. You can't explain it. It's there. You remember where it came from but can't explain its depth. It's deep. It's fierce. It manifests feelings never felt before. It's constant. It's more than you ever imagined. It's motherhood. The bond between you and your child. The gift from God that you carried in your womb. The baby you nursed. The deep seated knowing that was birthed when your child was. The intense fire inside. It's motherhood. The 'come hell or high water' stance you take when challenged. The need for justice when your child is wronged. The unexplainable amount of love, joy, delight and warmth. It's motherhood. It's what I have, and it's what I refuse to let go of. Paula xo

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  1. beautifully expressed xo