Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Beginning of Something New...

Yes ... the beginning of a new journey for me.  A return journey to my creative heart.

After spending the last 20 plus years chasing after the wrong things and people, God has whet my appetite for all things creative again: knitting, crocheting, drawing and painting.

The drawing above is the starting point to what will be a painting one day.

I seem to be drawing the oddest things at the oddest times and on the oddest surfaces.  On the bus, in the back of my Bible, on a used envelope.  I am enjoying it though.

I am enjoying my return to my creative side.  It's been laying dormant for way too long!


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Do you have an idea what medium you will use for color??

  2. Probably acrylic on canvas. I like the effect that the canvas gives, and I've only every worked with acrylic.

  3. Awesome!! And I can totally relate!

  4. Great work! My creative gene has been laying dormant make me wanna start drawing again!

  5. Oh that is gorgeous!! You are going to have to start carrying around an art journal to keep all your work together. :) Looking forward to seeing more of your work and one day, maybe even owning one! :D

  6. I love that you are getting creative again! Your drawing is lovely and it would look great in colour! Good on you.

  7. Awesomeness, Paula! I love it! Praise God!

  8. Beautiful! So glad your creative heart is coming back to you. <3

  9. Creativity is such a gift. I have been enjoying photography and Oil painting.
    Oils are so much more forgiving than acrylics or pencil.
    I am so glad you have this outlet, Paula. When I get creative and make a mess I feel like a child again.
    Let's be kids together!