Monday, 25 July 2011

Wisdom, @loswhit & Amy Winehouse...

I'm in no doubt that you have heard the news of singer Amy Winehouse's passing on the weekend.  I was deeply saddened by this because her death is such a waste of raw, natural and God-given talent.  Addiction is a horrible condition to live with.  I've been affected by addiction, both at the hands of others and myself.  It's debilitating, no matter how deep into the addiction that the person gets. 

The general reaction on the weekend was of sadness, and also that her death seemed inevitable considering her mental and physical state.  A lot of news articles and blog posts have been written about her death (and will continue to be written), but the one that really touched me was by Carlos Whittaker (aka @loswhit on Twitter) from Ragamuffin Soul.

I have a lot of respect for Carlos as he touches on issues that a lot of Christians, and people in general, don't.  Amy Winehouse's passing is one of these issues.  His post is thought-provoking and real and you can find it here.  Please leave a comment there - and here - and share how you feel about life, death, addiction and what it all means to you.

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  1. I have never herd of Amy Winehouse until yesterday when I read a few news articles about her death. It is so sad. She was beautiful, and also herd a small clip of her voice (which was also beautiful). She looks similar to the lady who sings the Hosanna song by Hillsong. I have to go and read the posts you suggested. As far as being delivered from addiction, I was only by calling out to Jesus. My story is a quick and radical transformation. Others may not have the same story.