Friday, 8 July 2011

Feeling Jesus...

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When you look at other people, what do you see? What thoughts about them cross your mind?

Do you wonder what they do in their spare time? Do you wonder what sort of life they've had ... are having now?

Have you ever thought that Jesus already knew all this when He saw people?

He had an advantage that we never will.

But we can still see others as Jesus does.

In what ways do you remind yourself to see others as Jesus does? Do you remember a particular scripture? Do you 'feel' Jesus inside you?


  1. Questions to you, Paula. According to you, how does Jesus see people? How can we see people as Jesus did?

  2. I believe that Jesus sees right into the heart of us, that there is no pretense and He responds accordingly. If we look to them as we would like them to look at us, that is how Jesus sees us.

  3. Jesus sees a purpose and destiny in us, He sees a brighter future then what we see, the way we should see people is through the eyes of love, which means don't look at them as what you see but look at them as what they can be....Always with a purpose for life.

  4. I have been struck lately by realizing that Jesus sees others just like he sees me, billions of people in the world and he sees us each as individuals with potential.

    You'd think after 57 years I'd get that it's not about me. But that's really true. It's about all the other souls in the universe he created.

    I'm in the palm of his hand but what about the lady I see every day at exercise who says she doesn't believe and doesn't want to? There are millions more like her but she is the one Jesus put in my path.

    I am trying to see the potential, the excellence, the design Jesus thought of when he made her.