Thursday, 9 June 2011

How Did Jesus Do It?

Seriously? How did He? How did He come to earth, see what was on offer and still love us? Yeah, yeah, I know ... He had help from God - He is God, but He was still a human at the same time.

I struggle to love people in the way in which God wants me to, and I know this will always be a struggle because, well basically, I'm only human. But I would like to do better and only through God can I do it.

I've been on an amazing journey over the last two years of my life, and I know that there is more that God wants me to learn. Loving people more is one of those lessons.

Given this, I am still in awe of how Jesus came to earth and loved the people who were too ignorant to know better. He loved those who thought they knew everything. He loved those who were jealous of His confidence and calmness. He loved those who mocked Him, spat on Him, beat Him and ultimately killed Him. It's wrong to believe that we can't love also.

Jesus is our example of true love. Steadfast, never-ending and compassionate love. He is our example of how we are to always look beyond the person's exterior, their manners and ways, their treatment of us - to look inside to what God sees; their hearts. Hearts that have been muddied by the dirt of life. Hearts that have been weakened by loss and illness. Hearts that have given up hope and are just holding onto death because that's all they can do.

Seriously? How did He do it? He did it because He was equipped and able. He did it because while human He was also God. He did it, and still does it because He loves us so very much.


  1. Amen, Paula! Even when HE was tempted by satan; He did it! I love God so much... I am not even able to imagine the measurement for how much! Great post!

  2. Yeah, so true.
    I too struggle to love people the way I know I should - I'm always asking for help in that area.

  3. Hi Paula, great post. Something I also need to work on constantly.
    God bless