Friday, 26 November 2010

Book Review: The King's Christmas List by Eldon Johnson...

I've joined Booksneeze where bloggers can receive free books in exchange for reviewing the book on their blog. What a grand idea! My first book is "The King's Christmas List" by Eldon Johnson, and illustrated by Bonnie Leick.

It is a story about a little girl named Emma and her cute dog Shu-Shu who take a journey to see a king. The message behind the book is about giving, and the type of gifts God loves for us to give. The book is appropriate for all ages up to about 10 years or so, but I'm sure older children would still enjoy it.

The storyline allows for an air of mystery about the trip that Emma and Shu-Shu embark on. Some interesting encounters along the journey opens the mind up to wonderment. The illustrations are amazing! The intricate detail of each drawing helps to bring the story to life.

While subtle, the spiritual message in the book was also powerful. I read it to a group of under 7 year olds, and a couple of the children commented that they knew who the King was and the purpose behind the gifts. Some of the children enjoyed the entire story, while some enjoyed the ending.

I would most definitely recommend this book! I’ve read it twice now and I have enjoyed it both times. I actually think that anyone would enjoy this book – child or adult – and it wouldn’t matter if they knew about God or not.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Paula. Sounds like a really nice book.

  2. Those kids are so cute. I may be a little biased.....The boys loved the book - a lot!

  3. Thanks Paula! What a huge blessing for my family and I (Eldon Johnson) to see your family reading the adventure of "The King's Christmas List"! Emma was 1 (9 now) when I wrote it, and seeing how our kids LOVED giving a gift to the "Birthday Boy", I knew I had to try to share this "new tradition" with other families. Thanks for spreading the word...$450 billion spent at Christmas...Imagine our kids re-directing some of this towards God's neediest children! Merry Christmas!