Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Free Saigon, Australia's Last Circus Elephant...

I've just received an email from Animals Australia about Saigon who is a circus elephant and has been for fifty years. Can you believe that? FIFTY. YEARS! I've been here nearly forty years and it has been hard yakka at times!

My heart goes out to this gorgeous elephant. It's one thing to be a log hauling elephant in the jungle, but to be a circus performing elephant in Australia (or anywhere else) is another thing!

Please take some time to sign this petition -
Sign the Petition to Free Saigon, Australia's Last Circus Elephant.

Genesis 1:28 tells how man was created to go forth and multiply and to have dominion over the fish, birds and animals. Not domination...dominion! Lisa Bevere writes in Fight Like A Girl that dominion is very different from domination. Dominion allows for growth, whereas domination allows for recession.

Check out the petitition and sign if you can.

Also, check out the Animals Australia web-site and see what other of God's creatures this group serves to protect.

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  1. that's disgusting. Poor elephant. On a brighter note....I have a little award for you on my blog. xo