Friday, 29 January 2010

Emergency Bible Numbers...

After having a discussion tonight about the '911' of the Bible (Psalm 91:1) I thought it most timely to see a Twitter post on Emergency Bible Numbers - Bible Study Planet. I need to learn to go to the Word more when troubles arise. Much like my 'medicine' book in which I record all the poignant verses that assist me in my journey.

The Emergency Bible Numbers post reminded me of
A Bushel of Promises from God that I found on the American Bible Society's page a few years back when I first returned to the loving arms of our King.

The discussion I had tonight was set on going to the Word of God first and foremost and not relying on interpretation of the Word through devotionals, etc. Basically, it was about just letting God guide us to what He wants us to read. I love doing this and over the last 7 months I have learnt much more about what God wants for me than by reading a devotional.

That, however, leads me to think that both serve a purpose. Devotionals open up our minds to things that we wouldn't ordinarily think about. Open and free reading opens our minds to what God wants us to think about. Both serve a purpose but I feel that prior to apologetics, devotionals, interpretations, study books and so on, the Bible was all that we had.

Either way, all are worthwhile readings when growing in the Spirit.


  1. thanks for the reminder! I used to go straight to the Word and listen to His voice speak to me 90% of the time and read devotions 10% of the time and grew so much from it. Now I have slowly reversed that and am filerting it all through other people's expereinces and opinions instead of relying on His Holy Spirit to speak to me through his Word. xo

  2. Love your heart and your perspective! You are a world changer!

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  3. Amen Paula! Praise the LORD!