Thursday, 31 December 2009

It Is Here...

2010 ... Twenty Ten ... IT has arrived!

As I sit here in bed wishing my loved ones Happy New Year via chat and text, I am listening to the delighted yells of drunk neighbours as the fireworks at the local golf club go off. I guess I'm feeling a tad melancholy about it all as 2009 was a tough year. A lot happened last year (wow, there is it...LAST year) and I'm quite glad it's over!

There were many personal setbacks and growth periods for me, as well as changes in my worklife. On par with my own upheavels to deal with on a personal level (the joys of living with self for almost 40 years!) was the change in my daughter. Going from a vivacious pre-schooler to a needy school student, it was a lot for this mummy to deal with. We got through it though, and while there is a long way to go (she is not 6 yet, so I have MANY years to go!), we are making progress.

So, to kick it off as The Year of Vision for me, I have chosen twelve words for each month in my 2010 Word List. The words are as follows:

January - Forgiveness (talk about start off with a tough one!)
February - Acceptance
March - Relationships
April - Strength
May - Simplicity
June - Reliance
July - Love
August - Selflessness
September - Blessings
October - Availability
November - Cheerfulness
December - Significance

These words were selected from Some Reflective Thoughts I made in January last year. I guess that due to all the upheavel 2009 brought into my life I never actually built on any of these thoughts, but I will do so now. God impressed so many important things on my heart last year that I feel strong and capable enough to expand on those things now. It is all part of my "Exit Wilderness Project", where I plan to celebrate my return to the promised land with my family in Tasmania for my 40th birthday in June.

I am thoroughly looking forward to 2010, and while feeling melancholy now, I know that this is just a reflective mood and one that will pass!

Happy New Year my friends!


  1. Great list Paula. Happy New Year!

  2. Wow Paula sounds like 2010 is going to be amazing for you! I love the idea of a word each month. And some of your words coincide with what I hope I grow in this year.

    Happy New Year! It's odd to think you are already in 2010 while we are still the the last morning of 2009 :)


  3. Happy New Year!
    Hope your 2010 is all you dream it to be