Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Sucker Punch...

This is a post I wrote a couple of nights ago just to get things off my chest, but now I feel compelled to share it. I have no scripture references, just thoughts direct from my heart.

Satan will use any means necessary to get to a person and bring them down to his level. He’ll make you think that it’s OK to think, say or do something just once. But then the temptation is there, especially if you enjoyed whatever it is you thought on, spoke or did. Then he will step up the pressure and make you think that you’re inadequate because you are not thinking, saying or doing what you did again.

He’ll make you think that you are less of a person, to someone else, because you’re not doing what he wants you to do - putting action behind his evil desires. That’s where the sucker punch comes too ... that you are less of a person to someone else, that you are letting someone else down, and that you don’t mean as much to someone as you thought because you don’t think, say and do certain things.

Well, those are all lies. Lies from the enemy and lies he plants in our minds to create doubt. Doubt about whether or not we’re good enough for someone. Doubt about how we choose to live. Doubt about our beliefs and morals and ethics. Doubt about the precious people in our lives. Lies, lies and more lies.

But you know what is real? God is real.

He will NOT make you think, say or do anything that does not bring glory to Him. It may not be what you want to think, say or do, but at least if it’s from God then we know that it is right. God also won’t make us feel inadequate. God is all we need to care about in regard to our worth. It is He who we are to focus on with pleasing Him always. And He will never think less of us as He loves us SO much that we really have no clue of the extent of it ... really!

The enemy is working against us. He will do all he can to lead us away from God. As I have recently learnt, he doesn’t do that by just picking you up and placing you directly in hell. No, he tempts you. He puts things in front of you and tempts you into just having a little try, just one little peek or taste. Then it’s planted in your mind. Then you find it difficult to shake it. So he’s wanting you to still follow God but also keep your finger in his evil pie.

He’s a piece of nasty, nasty work.

That’s where total obedience to God is vital. It’s what will keep our hearts, souls and minds pure. We mustn’t let the enemy take a stronghold in any way. We are only humans, but we are also children of the Most High God. While being human leaves us prey to the desires of the world, we also have the Earth Maker, Star Breather, Universe Speaker on our side. We must stick close by Him, never straying.

That is what is vital ... totally vital!


  1. How true your words are Paula. I try to remember to pray Romans 12:1-2 each morning; offering my "self" for His purposes and that I not be conformed to this world but I would be transformed as I study and read the bible.

    Too many times thoughts come into my head and I need to realize that they are lies. Instead I want to be sensitive to the Spirit and take every thought captive to Him. The other way the enemy attempts to get to us is through ...busyness.

  2. Yes! You have described how that sneaky enemy has worked many times in my life Paula. Thank you for sharing this. Love the final paragraph. xoxo