Monday, 13 July 2009

Our God Reigns...

"You reign, over all the earth we sing it.
You reign, justice and peace, You bring it.
You reign, Holy One, You reign."

I love the words to this song that my church band, Citipointe Live, sings. I especially love the words -

"You're above anything thrown my way.
Victorious, I live to stand in You always."

This is where my focus lies, this is where my peace comes from, this is the Who in life that I am concerned with. I focus on God, the one who made me, who loves me unconditionally, and who protects and strengthens me in life. These are the words I need to hear tonight. These are the words I need to remember after a month of heartache.

I am a down to earth person who actually finds herself a bit freaked out by people. I am certainly not perfect, only Jesus is, but I find the human factor in life rather unsettling. The nastiness of it, the attempts to hurt people, the game playing, and so on. This is why I rest in the peace that God brings to my life.

I don't understand why people do the things they do, but He does. He knows all things and He knows what is in the heart of every man, woman and child. He knows my heart better that I know it myself. That's why tonight I have looked into my heart and remembered that it is only He that I am to focus on.

God will deal with the hearts of others. He will concern Himself with why others do what they do. I am to remember that He reigns over the earth, He brings justice and peace, He is above anything thrown my way and I can stand victorious in Him. The enemy is continuing his attack on me that started a month ago, but I am resting in God.

Please enjoy this song -

PS: Some blog love to share from my lovely friend Janet at Footprints Australia -


  1. Praise the Lord. I love the music video. Very moving. I stand in agreement with you.

  2. This is such a great song, Paula!

    I love how you describe yourself: a down to earth person freaked out by people.

    that made me smile.

    hope i don't freak you out!

    love you...

  3. we sing this song at our church! Powerful hey?

  4. We are a strange bunch, are we not? Still and yet, God gives us to one another and says...

    "Now what?"

    I find his created people the most fascinating witness of his need for grace in this world. There is nothing good in me, but Jesus. Leave him out, and I am as wretched as the next person.

    Oh for grace to love him more ... his people too!

    Thanks for checking in. God's blessing and peace to you this week~elaine

  5. I listened to the song, it is my first time to hear it. I do know that Australia is at the crossroads of destiny, and so it is a privilege for me to be in touch with you through the blogworld. Thanks for being so down to earth honest with how you feel. And praise God, we have Him as a King who reigns, who is sovereign. Yes He is the Who that matters!

    There will be a coming day of vindication for those of His children who have been treated unjustly, unkindly... hold on to that promise.