Thursday, 9 April 2009

Into Your Hands...

The following is taken from Walter Wangerin's fictional adaptation novel "Jesus" and is from the viewpoint of Jesus' 'Beloved' John. It IS fictional writing, but it is also emotion stirring writing.

"Mary lets go of my arm. She stands up. She faces Jesus, and speaks those same words herself, out loud: 'Father, into.'

Jesus manages to open one eye. But he cannot focus. Nor is he able to talk anymore. Neverthless, he moves his lips soundlessly while Mary speaks aloud the words he forms. It is his sentiment; it is her voice.

They are praying:

'Father. Into your hands. I commend my spirit.'


But Jesus' Amen is really only Ahhhhhhhh, for it is his final breath, expiring; and his head descends the length of his neck and he dies."

And then...we were made free. Humble praise to our Lord Jesus.


  1. And then, indeed, we are made free.

  2. Wow... I love the way this is expressed.

    I'm most definitely humbled by this.

    Thank You Father for the gift of Jesus (and all that implies). In Jesus' name, amen.

  3. Paula, I find it so peaceful and inspired when I come here. Thanks for the great scripture/spiritual writings you post!